Our Prisoners: A Collection of Papers Arising from a 2016 Survey of Inmates at The Bahamas Department of Correctional Services Facility at Fox Hill

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Fielding, William;
Ballance, Virginia;
Smith, Philip;
Curry, Chris;
Ulentin, Anne;
Oenbring, Raymond;
Bethel, Nicolette;
Bain, Ebonesse;
Collie, Rodericka;
Durham, Shantique;
Dames, Andrella;
Minnis, Jessica;
Taylor, Jacinth;
Johnson, Pandora;
Newry-Pintard, Yvette;
Parker, Quincy;
Poitier-Albury, Wendyi;
Moxey-Adderley, Theresa;
Williams, Elizabeth;
Gibson-Mobley, Ingrid;
Sands, Shamel;
Robins, Bernadette;
McHardy, Dale;
Miller, Ky’Shaun;
Thomas, Adelle;
Bethel-Bennett, Ian;
Velasquez, Jose
Apr 2019
Fielding, William; Ballance, Virginia; Smith, Philip; Veyrat-Pontet, Alexandre; Sutton, Heather
This publication, a collaboration between the Inter-American Development Bank and the University of The Bahamas, presents the findings of a study of sentenced inmates at the prison in The Bahamas known at the Department of Correctional Services Facility, Fox Hill. The materials provide invaluable insight into public policy to further support the transformation of citizen security in The Bahamas. Robust and reliable information is needed to effectively diagnose, plan, carry out, and monitor correctional policies. The data generated by this publication and its underlying research are key inputs for the IDB’s Citizen Security and Justice Knowledge Strategy, which aims to better inform the public debate and decision makers about institutional performance of the criminal justice sectors in Latin America and the Caribbean.