Our Climate is Changing

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Jan 2015
People used to take the weather and climate for granted -butnot anymore! They are both now studied intensively by scientists
and discussed by celebrities and newscasters as they become
increasingly important to our own daily lives.
Every place on Earth has a climate. A climate includes factors that
remain fairly constant for at least 30 years, such as temperature,
humidity, the amount of water present in the air, and rainfall.
The region between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of
Capricorn is called the intertropical (or equatorial) region. This is Earth's "waist" where there are no seasons. The weather
tends to remain constant throughout the year. When discussing
areas in these regions, instead of referring to seasonal weather
changes, we might refer to them as having a rainy climate, meaning
it rains frequently all year long.
The weather in countries above and below the intertropical region
are affected by seasons. For example, these climates may be rainy
in the winter and dry in the summer.
Weather refers to short-term conditions in a particular area that
can quickly change, sometimes within minutes. Climate, however,
does not normally change at a rapid pace. In fact, it can take years,
decades, or even longer before changes in the climate can be felt.