Open Government and Targeted Transparency: Trends and Challenges for Latin America and the Caribbean

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Elena, Sandra;
Casadei, Estefanía;
Narciso de Barros, Amon;
Restrepo Hung, Marcela;
Tschorne Berestesky, Sonia;
Riaño, Juanita
Oct 2012
Transparency and integrity are key factors in consolidating democratic governance and deepening the modernization of the state. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has been supporting country efforts to achieve open government, providing technical support and knowledge on transparency in the LAC region. With the support of the Norwegian government, the IDB created the Anticorruption Activities Trust Fund (AAF), aimed at strengthening the institutional capacity of the Bank's borrowing countries in their efforts to prevent and control corruption. After four years in operation, the fund has gained recognition, both inside and outside the Bank, as a source of innovation and best practices in terms of access to information and targeted transparency. This publication compiles some of the experiences and lessons learned from five different countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Guatemala), with direct support from the AAF.