One Region, One Commitment: Towards Sustainable Recovery in Latin America and the Caribbean

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García, Andrea;
Restrepo Duarte, Daniella
Sep 2021
In preparation for the next UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) and UNFCCC Climate Change Conference (COP26), the IDB Group organized “One Region, One Commitment”, a virtual summit to showcase the regions multiple achievements in the climate change and biodiversity agendas in Latin America and the Caribbean. A total of 22 sessions were held throughout 3 days, in which speakers discussed the advanced climate policies that are being promoted by several countries, underscored that the role of the private sector and civil society is indispensable and unpostponable, highlighted the unique opportunity we now have to reflect on the type of recovery we want for the region, and examined how to harmonize sustainability goals with economic growth from multiple fronts. This document provides a brief summary of the main takeaways from the summit. We hope it also serves as a guide to continue learning from the valuable knowledge and experience shared during this event.