Office of Institutional Integrity Annual Report 2007

Jan 2008
The Office of Institutional Integrity (OII) is the IDB Group's primary office for addressing external matters of integrity, fraud and corruption. As a measure of the significance that the IDB Group attaches to integrity, OII reports directly to the President. OII coordinates this work closely with other entities in the Bank Group, particularly the Oversight Committee on Fraud and Corruption (OCFC) and the Sanctions Committee. OII also plays a supportive role in internal ethics and integrity matters and helps member countries develop and refine their own integrity programs. Overall, in 2007, OII made significant progress in streamlining investigative activities, enhancing the department's capacity and building knowledge-based systems to strengthen prevention efforts. OII also broadened its research on past cases, expanded integrity outreach and pursued more complex investigations. A brief overview of the rest of this year's report is given by general focal area and pillar of activity.