Office of Evaluation and Oversight Annual Report 2013-2014: Evaluation Overview and Implications for IDB Support to Growth and Poverty Reduction

Mar 2015
This first Annual Report reviews the past two years of OVE's work, 2013-2014. It is designed in two parts. Part I reports on OVE's recent evaluation activities and findings, on developments in the Bank's evaluation "architecture" (including management self-evaluations and OVE validations) during the year, and on management's progress in implementing agreed-upon recommendations from previous OVE evaluations. Part II highlights a special topic, seeking to put OVE's work in a broader perspective by bringing new analysis and linking OVE's evaluation work to major themes of importance to development effectiveness. This year's themes are the Bank's core objectives of growth and poverty reduction, as specified in the Agreement for IDB¿s 9th General Capital Increase in 2010. These themes continue to be relevant for the next IDB institutional strategy, which is currently under preparation.