Notes on Toilets and Hygiene: Perspectives from Households and Businesses in Port-au-Prince and Carrefour: Optimal Sanitation

Jan 2017
Núñez, Anamaría
In support of The National Directorate of Water and Sanitation in Haiti's aims to integrate WSSpromotion with improvements in infrastructureand product availability, this note offers some household and business views the availability and perception of sanitation products (goods and services), as well as some constraints and drivers related to accessing and utilizing them.This note is a supplement to the Résultats du prélèvement des données de l'eau potable et l'assainissement dans l'aire métropolitaine des communes
Carrefour et Port-au-Prince, Haïti (2016) and the result of semi-structed interviews carried out in the same study area among low income residents.