A New Approach to Trade Development in Latin America

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May 2004
The present work is motivated by the desire to share with those in the political and academic arenas in Latin America my experience with a distinguished team of professionals. This included two years creating and implementing trade policy in Argentina, as well as several years devoted to research concerning the region¿s relations with the rest of the world and the creation of an export model that could serve as a source of growth for developing countries. This paper is an abridged version of my book, "Exportar para crecer" (Editorial Planeta, 2003). The management model created at the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Relations draws on both public and private intellectual contributions. Together, they led to an aggressive trade policy designed to open markets for Argentine products through trade negotiations. The policy attempted to transcend false antagonisms concerning the geographic destinations of our exports, focusing, moreover, on an indispensable complementary element: developing markets as a means of ensuring the effective use of opportunities created.