Network for Biodigesters in Latin America and the Caribbean: Case Studies and Future Recommendations

Garwood, Anna
Dec 2010
As a result of renewed regional interest in biogas technology, the Network for Biodigesters in Latin America and the Caribbean (RedBioLAC) was formed to increase dialogue concerning: a) Promotion and management of biogas projects; and b) Innovations in the field. The network has exemplified the productivity of having a forum of opportunities to tackle and share valuable innovations in materials, marketing, and approach to a project's management and finances. Currently, RedBioLAC is building momentum by beginning development of a web-based project information sharing and management platform. This document aims to provide a snapshot of the current reality and synthesize conclusions on the economic, institutional, cultural, and technical factors that need to be addressed. Finally, the emerging RedBioLAC is presented as a forum for exchanging experience and strengthening biodigester programs in Latin America.