Nature-based Solutions in Latin America and the Caribbean: Support from the Inter-American Development Bank

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Oct 2021
Governments across Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) face challenges in extending and maintaining infrastructure to serve their populations, especially as climate change and ecosystem degradation endanger communities and infrastructure assets across the region. To help address these challenges, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) aims to increase its support of Nature-based Solutions (NBS) in accordance with the banks 2020 Environmental and Social Sustainability Mainstreaming Action Plan. This Issue Brief serves two main functions. First, it describes IDB's growing focus on NBS and provides a tour of IDBs main offerings regarding NBS project support and investment. Second, it serves as a baseline of IDBs activities related to NBS from which the bank and partners can build upon moving forward. Going forward, IDB will ramp up support for clients to incorporate NBS considerations and opportunity analysis in country agreements and throughout all stages of project preparation, from investment identification to execution.