Migrants, Identification, and Services in Chile, Ecuador, and Peru: Experiences and Stories

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Bailur, Savita;
Schoemaker, Emrys
Sep 2023
Conflict and poverty have forced millions of people in Latin America and the Caribbean to leave their homes and migrate to other countries without legal protection. This study identifies the challenges faced by migrants in Chile, Ecuador, and Peru in their attempt to access basic services and other benefits that, in many cases, require them to have specific documentation, including legally recognized identity credentials. A qualitative approach is applied using interviews to document the experiences of 16 migrants and refugees with different characteristics, such as age, gender, sexual orientation, country of origin, and physical abilities. This research provides evidence on how these refugees and migrants struggle to integrate into their host countries as well as recommendations based on their most pressing challenges when trying to access services and obtain documents. As a result, this document highlights that evolving legislation, a lack of information, and siloed government departments are among the key factors that influence the experiences of migrants and refugees in these countries.