Mexican Firms Investing in China: 2000-2011

Dec 2012
Initial research on "translatinas" show that while these Latin American firms have invested primarily in their home region, a growing number have begun to invest more heavily in the rest of the world. However, an overall evaluation of their activities and performance in new markets and detailed discussion about their products, processes and future expectations is lacking. This analytic note addresses that gap by examining a group of Mexican firms with direct investments in China. The analysis includes (a) a general description of each firm (its products, processes, main locations, age, size, employment, and so forth), (b) the firm's global short- and medium-term strategies and the importance of China to them, and (c) an overview of the firm's expansion to and activities in China including reasons for entry, the initial entry mode, the main products and processes, investment amounts, employment rolls, sales, and other salient characteristics.