Managing Human Rights Risks in IDB Projects: Requirements of the IDB's Environmental and Social Policy Framework

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Klinker, Marcella;
Murray, Estefania
May 2022
Ute Reisinger
In November 2021, the Inter-American Development Banks (IDB) new Environmental and Social Policy Framework (ESPF) became effective. The IDB recognizes that human rights are central to its mission of improving lives and bringing sustainable development to the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region. As such, the ESPF makes an explicit commitment to respecting internationally recognized human rights standards, including the International Bill of Rights, the International Labor Organizations Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, and other universal and regional instruments relating to human rights. Crucially, this means that under the new Framework, IDB-financed projects are expected to respect the rights enshrined in these instruments. The ESPF provides the IDB with the tools to assess human rights risks in the context of all IDB projects. Where such risks are identified, the IDB is committed to supporting Borrowers in carrying out their due diligence to protect project beneficiaries, communities, and workers from abuse, enable the fulfilment of their rights, and remedy harm caused. This Technical Note on Human Rights aims to provide support to IDB Borrowers in identifying and addressing human rights risks and impacts on IDB-financed projects under the new ESPF. The information contained in this note may also be relevant to a wider audience, including IDB staff and external stakeholders.