Management's Implementation of OVE Recommendations: IDB Group's Evaluation Recommendations Tracking System 2019

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Jul 2020
This is OVE's fourth full validation of the IDB Group's Evaluation Recommendation Tracking System (ReTS), and the second self-standing report. Assessing to what extent recommendations have been addressed is essential for institutional accountability and learning. After the Board of Executive Directors considers OVEs recommendations and endorses them, Management prepares an action plan for their implementation. Of the 271 recommendations issued by OVE since the ReTS was launched in 2013, 96% (260) have been endorsed by the Board. Most (73%) of these recommendations are for IDB's Management, while 69 recommendations (27%) are for IDB Invest. OVE analyzes the relevance and evaluability of the action plans as they are prepared by Management, and Management subsequently begins implementation. OVE then reviews implementation progress each year over a period of four years and final adoption of the recommendations at the end of that period. In the 2019 fiscal year, OVE validated action plans for a total of 161 active recommendations corresponding to 38 evaluations.