Management for Social Development: An Integrated Approach to the Management of Social Policies and Programs

Jul 2006
Management for Social Development is a field of action (or practice) and knowledge focused strategically on the promotion of social development. Its objective lies in the creation of public value, thus contributing to the reduction of poverty and inequality, as well as to the strengthening of democratic states and citizenship. The present document attempts to define and characterize the field of Management for Social Development and proposing a conceptual framework that provides orientation to the strategic action of Management for Social Development. We consider these objectives relevant to the degree that they may contribute to creating awareness of the importance of effective management practices in the promotion of social development and to strengthening those practices. This text highlights the creation of public value as a central element of Management for Social Development. It also emphasizes the importance of working with multiple actors interested or involved in promoting development. It recommends that management consist of simultaneous and strategic efforts in the areas of programmatic, organizational and political management in order to achieve effectiveness, which will be evidenced by impacts on the improvement of the quality of life and living conditions of the target population.