Making migrants visible: a review of information on migrants in censuses and households surveys in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Perdomo Rico, Juan Camilo
Sep 2022
Structural changes in migratory flows in recent years have led to important demographic changes in the Latin American and Caribbean region. These changes have generated the need to increase the efforts made by the National Statistical Institutes (INE) of each country to periodically collect and disseminate a set of socioeconomic and well-being indicators of its inhabitants, especially migrants. This note seeks to give a possible answer to the question regarding what coverage of information on migrants currently exists in the censuses and regular household surveys carried out in the region? To answer this, a review of the records that have been collected in the IDB and those published on the websites of each INE is carried out, and on this it will be reviewed in which countries it is possible to identify migrants, their representativeness and in what years (starting in 2010). The report includes a country summary of the available data for each country, indicating where there are discrepancies in metrics on the migrant population between different country data sources.