Leading from the Center: Pernambuco's Management Model

Apr 2014
This Technical Note describes and analyzes the management model implemented in 2007 by the State of Pernambuco, Brazil. It discusses the model's main features, as well as how and why it was implemented, and suggests opportunities for improvement and institutionalization. It also presents lessons learned for other subnational governments seeking to improve their performance and achieve results for the citizens. The key innovation of the Pernambuco case is the integration of planning, budgeting, monitoring, and intervention through a management model endorsed by the Governor and steered by the Secretariat of Planning and Management (SEPLAG) as the key player within the Center of Government (CoG). The CoG has set clear priorities and developed approaches and capacities to make adjustments and corrections when obstacles are harming performance. It has also implemented routines and technical tools, which appear to be in the process of becoming institutionalized. At the same time, there is room for improvement, mainly in terms of strengthening the model's focus on outcomes and refreshing some of its key components.