Leadership and Capacity Building for Public Sector Executives: Proceedings from the 2nd Policy and Knowledge Summit between China and Latin America and the Caribbean

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Manning, Nick
Feb 2016
Lafuente, Mariano; Manning, Nick
This discussion paper summarizes the proceedings at the Second China-Latin America and the Caribbean Policy and Knowledge Summit, focusing on leadership and capacity building for public sector executives. The event, sponsored by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the Inter-American Development Bank, was held in Beijing and Shanghai, China in 2015. The paper discusses practices related to the management and training of public executives in China, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Jamaica, and Peru, and provides a general context for these practices in OECD and Latin American and Caribbean countries. The Summit identified common challenges among the countries, despite the obvious differences in terms of size and history, such as finding a balance between political neutrality and technical capacity and ensuring high ethical standards to address low citizen trust in the public sector.