The Knowledge Economy in Development: Perspectives for Effective Partnerships

Mokyr, Joel;
Mitchell, Graham R.;
Murray, T. Scott;
Hammond, Allen;
Katz, Rob;
Paul, John;
Tran, Julia;
Furlong, Shauneen;
Soupizet, Jean-François;
Lopes, Paulo;
Meissl, Maresa;
Echeverri, Luis Guillermo;
Nunes, Esther Donio Bellegarde;
Chen, Derek Hung Chiat;
Nov 2005
Vitro, Robert
The partnership between the Inter-American Development Bank and the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean to integrate the requirements of an emerging knowledge-based global economy into development planning is a work in progress. It is a multidimensional and multilevel effort involving public, private, and civil society organizations to spur sustainable economic growth and reduce poverty while promoting equity. This publication is part of an ongoing commitment to improve the effectiveness of that partnership. It is designed to stimulate further discussion and promote consensus in the formulation of outcomes, outputs, and indicators to measure, monitor, and evaluate the contribution of Knowledge Economy expansion to increasing the rate of sustainable economic growth and reduce poverty while promoting equity. The authors whose chapters are published herein, spoke during individual sessions of the IDB Discussion Series on "The Knowledge Economy in Development: Towards Definition of Outcomes, Outputs and Indicators in Bank-funded Projects", and each contributed a chapter for this publication.