Jurisprudence of Equality Project (JEP): Consolidated Report Based on the Evaluations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay

Pfund, Alicia
Aug 2000
The Jurisprudence of Equality project (JEP) trains judges and other judicial actors on the applicability of international women's rights law in domestic courts, thus enhancing their ability to treat cases of violence against women and ensuring greater protection for women's rights in the region. The purpose of this report is to distill the findings and conclusions from the JEP evaluation in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay. This evaluation was meant to find out to which extent the project is being implemented as planned, identifying any difficulties during implementation, and ways to overcome them. It has also assessed the effect that project activities are having in achieving the project goal. Apart from document review and interviews in Washington and in the four countries visited in March-April 2000 with relevant stakeholders, the evaluation relies on two main instruments for each country: (a) a survey, applied to trainers and seminar participants. The questionnaires were designed with the close cooperation of the Washington IWJF director and the education director, as well as in consultation with other stakeholders in the field, and the IDB in Washington and Country Offices; (b) a series of focus groups carried out separately with trainers and seminar participants.