Jamaica Joint Country Financial Accountability Assessment (CFAA) and Country Procurement Assessment (CPAR)

Apr 2006
The main objective of the Joint Country Financial Accountability Assessment (CFAA) and the Country Procurement Assessment (CPAR) is to contribute to the implementation of Public Sector Modernization Vision and Strategy for 2002-2012 and its Medium Term Socio-Economic Policy Framework. It also provides the basis for further donor harmonization. Building on earlier analytical work, it focuses on specific initiatives that can directly result in improvements in the country's management of public resources and in reducing public debt. This CFAA/CPAR does not duplicate the detailed information on overall financial accountability and procurement systems and practices that is already available in earlier diagnostics, but rather focuses on selected areas which the CFAA/CPAR team and the Government agreed required further improvement for the Government to meet its goal of establishing a modern public financial management system (PFM). The present CFAA/CPAR confirmed the persistence of systemic issues which continue to affect the systems' performance, and identified opportunities for generating new momentum for the ongoing PFM reform in Jamaica.