IoT IN LAC 2019: Taking the Pulse of the Internet of Things in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Pérez Colón, Rafael;
Terry, Elizabeth
Oct 2019
This report provides a snapshot of the current state and future potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) in Latin America and the Caribbean. The Internet of Things is a term for systems through which networked sensors collect data from objects, allowing for monitoring, analysis, and decision making on an increasingly massive scale. The report begins with a definition of IoT and its worldwide development to date, and provides examples of industries and sectors that are incorporating IoT into their operations. It then provides an overview of the state of IoT growth in the LAC region, including information on countries that have begun to implement policies to promote and guide IoT, and on specific IoT-enabled projects underway in the region, ranging in sectors from smart cities to industry and agriculture. The report also describes several Inter-American Development Bank Group projects and initiatives that are engaging with IoT in various ways. It concludes with some general recommendations on how the public and private sectors may contribute to productive IoT growth in the LAC region.