INTrade: Latin American Trade Trend Estimates: 2013

Dec 2013
Latin American Trade Trend Estimates is an annual study published by the Integration and Trade Sector of the Inter-American Development Bank that analyses the region's trade performance based on available national and international data for selected countries. For 2013, the study reports that Latin American exports stagnated, posting a second straight year of sluggish growth. Export increases were barely over 0%, for a total value of slightly more than $1 trillion. It is also noted that the region's exports actually declined in the first months of the year, continuing a negative trend that began in late 2012. However, in the third quarter, exports began to grow again, and current estimates point to a small positive overall growth rate for the year. Results varied considerably among countries. Brazil, Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela all posted declines in exports, while Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay posted increases. Results in Central America were mixed, with exports barely growing in Costa Rica and Guatemala, declining in Honduras and Nicaragua, but expanding in El Salvador, and Panama.