Intermittent Supply in the Context of Efforts to Improve Piped Drinking Water Supply in Latin America and the Caribbean: Lessons from a Case Study in Arraiján, Panama

Nelson, Kara L.;
Erickson, John
Dec 2016
Buss, Stefan;Fernández Illescas, Coral;Martínez, Gustavo;Perroni, Alejandra
A case study was conducted in the intermittent drinking water distribution system in Arraiján, Panamá, a rapidly growing peri-urban area west of Panama City. Pressure, flow, turbidity and chlorine were monitored continuously in four study zones with a variety of supply conditions. Water quality grab samples were collected from the continuous monitoringstations and household taps, and analyzed for turbidity, chlorine, and indicator bacteria. In addition, 3 years of pipe repair records were analyzed
to estimate break rates in different areas of the distribution system.