Inter-American Development Bank Cultural Center Annual Report 2001

Jan 2002
The IDB Cultural Center ended 2001 with a successful balance of diverse programming. In the Region and throughout the year, the IDB Cultural Center contributed to the implementation of 40 socio-cultural projects in 25 countries. At headquarters, the Center produced 32 events, including 5 art exhibitions, 13 concerts and music workshops, 12 lectures and 2 presentations of "La Cátedra Siglo XXI Lecture Series." These activities attracted an estimated 15,000 visitors to the Bank and 7,000 to traveling exhibitions. As a result, the Center received over 200 local, national and international newspaper, magazine, radio and TV reviews. The publicity generated by the Center's activities enhanced the image of the IDB as an institution concerned with all aspects of development, and promoted a positive view of Latin America and the Caribbean.