Inter-American Development Bank Annual Report 2002

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Jan 2003
This Annual Report contains a brief summary of the economic situation of Latin America and the Caribbean and a review of the Bank's operations in 2002. In addition, this Report contains a description on a country-by-country basis and a regional basis of the Bank's various operations -loans, guarantees, financings for small projects and technical cooperation- on behalf of Latin America's development; a summary statement of the loans approved in 2002; the financial statements of the Bank, and its general appendices. The Bank's operational program for the year responded to the needs of the borrowing member countries and reflected the use of a greater variety of instruments and products than ever before. These included innovation loans, multi-phase loans and sector facility loans. Over the course of 2002, the IDB committed $4.55 billion in 86 loan operations to fund projects totaling an estimated $7.6 billion.