Integration & Trade Journal: Volume 3 : No. 9 : September-December, 1999

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Roland-Holst, David;
McCleery, Robert K.;
González, Flavio Floreal;
Giambiagi, Fabio;
Stephenson, Sherry;
Ivascanu, Daniela;
Jan 2000
The Integration & Trade Journal includes articles on the different aspects of integration in Latin America and the Caribbean, on hemispheric integration and, furthermore, on similar processes in other parts of the world. This issue includes the following articles: Why "Rebuilding the Caribbean" Requires NAFTA Parity for CBI Countries: Towards a "Win-Win" Strategy; Colombia and the NAFTA; MERCOSUR: Why Does Monetary Union Make Sense in the Long-term?; MERCOSUR: The Incompatibilities between Its Institutions and the Need to Complete the Customs Union: A Proposal Reform; and, Electronic Commerce in the Americas.