Integration & Trade Journal: Volume 21: No. 41: March, 2017: Eco Integration in Latin America: Ideas Inspired by the Encyclical Laudato Si'

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Sánchez Sorondo, Marcelo;
Sterner, Thomas;
Figueres, Christiana;
Espinosa, Patricia;
González, Arancha;
Michaelowa, Axel;
Maskin, Eric;
Sugathan, Mahesh;
Letouzé, Emmanuel;
Sangokoya, David;
Ricard, Julie;
Edenhofer, Ottmar;
Schultes, Anselm;
Kolstad, Charles;
Cienfuegos, Rodrigo;
Zamagni, Stefano;
Fernández, Víctor;
Apr 2017
Inspired by the encyclical Laudato Si', by Pope Francis, Nobel prizes and world experts pose concrete options for advancing in a regional eco-integration where social and environmental dimension of development are priorities. The commitments made to mitigate climate change at the Paris and Marrakesh summits require the cooperation of different nations in a joint effort to counteract global warming. Latin America has an enormous natural wealth that represents an opportunity, but also a great responsibility: to protect the planet and at the same time find ways to reduce the inequities that characterize the region. The new edition of IDB-INTAL Integration & Trade Journal offers creative measures, analyzes the governance challenges offered by the current scenario, describes sustainable models of trade, examines the impact of climate change and draws bridges to advance in an integral ecology where humanism became the engine of civilization.