Integration & Trade Journal: Volume 17: No. 37: July-December, 2013

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Inchauspe, Álvaro;
Achar Samra, Elena;
Comandari, Carlos Honorato;
Lyu, Jaewon;
Edwards, Diane;
González Izquierdo, María del Coriseo;
Hartleb, Karl;
Tarradellas i Espuny, Joan;
Díaz, Guillermo;
Coyoy Echeverría, Erick;
Giobergia, Cecilia;
Cereseto, Fabiana;
Perea, José Ramón;
Avendaño, Rolando;
Moncaut, Nicolás;
Wiñazky, Marcelo;
Leiva Bonilla, Juan Carlos;
Jan 2014
In spite of the fact that they make up more than 90% of firms and account for a substantial portion of employment in these countries, rather little is known about the role of small- and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) in Latin American and the Caribbean (LAC) trade. In particular, there are a series of pending yet pivotal questions, such as: To what extent and how do SMEs contribute to their countries exports? How internationalized are LAC SMEs compared to SMEs in other world regions? How diversified are LAC SMEs exports across products and destinations? What are the key bottlenecks to LAC SME internationalization? This issue of the Journal intends to drive a holistic, thoughtful and targeted discussion of patterns of SME internationalization and its major bottlenecks and how they can be (or not) mitigated most effectively.