Integration & Trade Journal: Volume 17: No. 36: January-June, 2013

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Valle Pereña, Juan Manuel;
Balbis Pérez, Jorge;
Xalma, Cristina;
Garranzo, Rafael;
Giacalone, Rita;
Watanabe, Masato;
Abdenur, Adriana Erthal;
Rivero Illa, Martín;
Oliveira, Cassia;
Santos, Thauan;
Heidrich, Pablo;
Kwak, Jae Sung;
Killen, Brenda;
Kindornay, Shannon;
Carrillo, Susana;
Dequech Neto, Napoleão;
Santos, Luan;
Blundell, Matthew;
Bessudo Lion, Sandra;
Daccarett, Jorge
Jul 2013
This issue addresses the South-South cooperation topic and argues that, rather than being much ado about nothing, it is actually tangible and about more than meets the eye, reflecting new avenues of delivery, innovative ways of thinking, and ongoing economic realignment. It features contributions about: The role of institutions in the provision of public goods and their implications for sustainable development; SSC, and its increasing contribution to international dialogue; The rising profile and implications of SSC between LAC and China, Japan, and Korea; The role of civil society organizations (CSOs) in defining, implementing, and evaluating SSC interventions in the region; Comparisons between SSC providers and traditional donors, including a greater focus on the private sector; and Case studies.