Integration & Trade Journal: Volume 15 : No. 33 : July-December, 2011

Dec 2011
The Integration & Trade Journal includes articles on the different aspects of integration in Latin America and the Caribbean, on hemispheric integration and, furthermore, on similar processes in other parts of the world. The Journal issued a call for the submission of papers that reviewed regional integration processes in Latin America and the Caribbean. This issue includes a collection of the many papers submitted. The titles include: Why it is Worth Rethinking Latin American Integration?; Financial Cooperation within the Context of South American Integration: Current Balance and Future Challenges; The Relevance of LAIA; The Andean Integration Process: Origins, Transformations and Structures; 20 Years on: The Achievements and Pending Challenges of MERCOSUR; MERCOSUR and the Challenges of its Joint Trade Policy: Achievements and Shortcomings of a Process of Incomplete Communitarization; Increasing the Trade Related Capacity of CARICOM Firms in a Post-Crisis Global Economy: The Role of Standards and Regulations; Caribbean Integration: A Rules of Origin Perspective. There's also a special section on Latin American Trading Blocs: Between Reality and Utopia, and a series of interviews to Patrick Low, Anabel González, Ganeshan Wignaraja, and Alejandro Krell.