Integration & Trade Journal: Volume 12 : No. 28 : January-June, 2008

Jul 2008
The IDB's Integration & Trade Journal includes articles on the different aspects of integration in Latin America and the Caribbean, on hemispheric integration and, furthermore, on similar processes in other parts of the world. This issue includes a selection of articles around one common subject: the development of integration-related infrastructure. This issue contains the following articles: Issues and Options on Transnational Projects; Infrastructure Integration and Incomplete Contracts: Natural Gas in the Southern Cone; Cooperation and Provision of Regional Public Goods: The IIRSA Case; Investing in Multinational Transport Infrastructure: Coordination Perspectives for Latin America; Trade Costs and the Economic Fundamentals of the IIRSA; Some Elements to Characterize Brazilian Interests in Infrastructure Integration in South America; The Infrastructure Integration in South America: The Case of Chile; Political Economy, Infrastructure and Integration: The Peruvian Case; Trade Costs and Infrastructure: Analysis of the Effects of Trade Impediments in Asia; Impact of Cross-Border Road Infrastructure on Trade and Investment in the Greater Mekong Subregion; and, The Macroeconomic Effects of Infrastructure Financing: A Tale of Two Countries.