Integration & Trade Journal: Volume 11 : No. 27 : July-December, 2007

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Jan 2008
The IDB's Integration & Trade Journal includes articles on the different aspects of integration in Latin America and the Caribbean, on hemispheric integration and, furthermore, on similar processes in other parts of the world. This issue contains the following articles: International Migration, Remittances and Development: An Overview; Remittances of Paraguayan Migrants to Argentina: Their Prevalence, Amount and Utilization; Remittances and Poverty in Mexico: A Propensity Score Matching Approach; Emigration, Remittances and Labor Force Participation in Mexico; Migrant Remittances, Human Capital Formation and Job Creation Externalities in Central America; Migration and Education Inequality in Rural Mexico; Remittances and Healthcare Expenditure Patterns of Population in Origin Communities: Evidence from Mexico; Mexican Microenterprise Investment and Employment: The Role of Remittances; Leveraging Efforts on Remittances and Financial Intermediation.