Integrated Water Resources Management: Institutional and Policy Reform: Proceedings

Sep 1999
This report summarizes the discussions and presents working group reports and papers presented at the Seminar/Workshop on Integrated Water resources Management: Institutional and Policy Reform held on June 24th-27th, 1997 in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. Based on progress to date, the seminar/workshop sought to promote integrated approaches to water resources management in the Caribbean by: 1) developing a common understanding among the cross-sectoral country team members of the water resources management challenges of the region; 2) sharing relevant water resources management experiences; 3) identifying and discussing priority areas requiring immediate action; and 4) recommending specific steps to address them. The seminar/workshop targeted cross-sectoral country teams and representatives from water and sewerage authorities, ministries of Agriculture, Environment, Health, Planning and Finance from 22 Caribbean countries. Four key areas for action were identified: public awareness and education, institutional coordination, water resources policy and legislation and innovative financing.