Innovations in Public Services Delivery: Issue No. 6: The Management of Integrated Service Delivery: Lessons from Canada

Feb 2018
Lack of collaboration among public institutions and the absence of innovative managerial and technological tools often leaves citizens without access to adequate service delivery. However, citizens are becoming increasingly informed and are demanding changes. Canada has been aware of this problem for some time and has invested in strengthening the institutional framework required to deliver services in a new citizen-centric business model. This publication describes the creation and success of Service Canada, an institution specialized in providing a broad set of public services across a range of delivery channels. The alignment of several public organizations around common goals and fostering of a culture of service excellence among frontline staff have been achieved with political and managerial leadership based on a new model of governance and accountability. The development of specialized human capital and provision of technological tools and quality management instruments are key components to ensure better service at lower costs. The paper presents relevant insights and a roadmap to public officials interested in reaching policy outcomes by putting citizens first.