Innovation in the Methods of Public Procurement in Latin America and The Caribbean: Case studies

Jiménez, Efraim;
Nov 2017
In recent years, Latin American and Caribbean countries (LAC) have modernized their public procurement systems and have been able to increase the efficiency and effectiveness in the use of public resources through new practices and technologies to promote greater competitiveness. The award decision based solely on price to ensure efficiency has also evolved into amulticriteria approach to include, beyond price, quality and sustainability criteria (economic, environmental, and social). Through this study, the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) contributes to the dialogue in LAC to promote the use of new public procurement procedures and practices. The study presents four innovative cases of procurement practices used in the region. These are inspired in practices in other regions, such as Europe and the United States. This study identifies some trends in public procurement procedures, which promote more flexible contracting frameworks in order to incorporate
additional methods based on a broader approach of Value for Money in accordance with the principles of transparency, efficiency, economy, integrity and fairness. Innovation in public procurement contributes towards the achievement of development goals in the region.