Innovation Agencies in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Characterization of the RELAI Network

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Nov 2022
This report considers the ways in which innovation agencies are currently operating across Latin America and the Caribbean. The analysis is focused on the Latin American Network of Innovation Agencies (RELAI), which is an association that brings together the main national and regional innovation agencies in the region. Although this is a study of the institutions that are members of RELAI, the insights and recommendations are intended to be useful to other innovation agencies across the region and worldwide. This research revealed six key factors that are significant in shaping an innovation agency's role in its system: harmonized ecosystem, institutional safeguards, learning culture, autonomy and influence, skills and talent, and networks and reach. This report considers each factor, offering a general framework to help agencies assess where they are in relation to each area and suggesting ideas for action to support the development of agency capabilities and preparedness for future challenges.