Indigenous Peoples and Sustainable Development: The Role of the Inter-American Development Bank

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Oct 1997
This presentation focuses on the role of the Inter-American Development Bank in the socioeconomic development of the indigenous peoples of Latin America. Following a brief description of who the region's indigenous peoples are, and of the issues and concerns that face them, this paper presents the broad outlines of a more detailed strategy document that is currently being prepared. This presentation provides some examples of what the IDB has been doing to respond to its mandate to address the needs of indigenous peoples. It also mentions some of the major challenges that the Bank faces in order to be more effective in fostering the sustainable socioeconomic development of indigenous people. The Bank's thrust in this area emphasizes the positive relationship between economic development, participation and strengthening cultural heritage within a framework that recognizes the rights of indigenous peoples. This presentation was presented at the IDB Forum of the Americas on April 8th, 1997.