Indigenous Development: Poverty, Democracy and Sustainability

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Iturralde, Diego;
Krotz, Esteban;
Stavenhagen, Rodolfo;
Wirsig, Waldemar;
Fabricano, Marcial;
Albó, Xavier;
Davis, Shelton;
Duchicela, Luis Felipe;
Cojtí Cuxil, Demetrio;
Del Val, José;
Velásquez Sagua, Héctor;
Molina R., Ramiro;
Jimeno, Gladys;
Grefa U., Valerio;
González, Nicanor;
Dec 1996
Iturralde, Diego;Krotz, Esteban
The contributions included in this volume reflect both the challenges and opportunities of an incipient process of reflection and dialogue between indigenous peoples, governments and development agencies on a subject of vital importance for the approximately 40 million indigenous people of the hemisphere. In addition to the critical issues of poverty reduction, self-development, indigenous rights and secured access to land and natural resources, a common thread throughout this volume is the close interrelationship between sound and sustainable socioeconomic development and the preservation and strengthening of cultural identity. This volume contains the English translation of a selection of essays and presentations made during the International Seminar on Indigenous Development: Poverty, Democracy and Sustainability, organized on the occasion of the First General Assembly of the Fund for the Development of the Indigenous Peoples of Latin America and the Caribbean (Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, May 22 and 23, 1995).