Index of Governance and Public Policy in Disaster Risk Management (iGOPP): National Report Guyana

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Jul 2019
The results of the iGOPP application in Guyana (2017) show a general progress level of 11.82%, which places the country in “low” range of advance. The analysis of the results by component of public policy (Graph 1) reveals that “General Framework of Governance for DRM” is the most advanced component, reaching a 38% of compliance, which is considered as “incipient” progress, according to the iGOPP´s classification. In a range considered as “low progress” the iGOPP places the rest of the five components, with “Risk Reduction” reaching a 15%, followed by “Risk Identification” and “Disaster Preparedness” components, with a 10% and 8% compliance, respectively. No progress is reported by the iGOPP for indicators associated with the “Post-Disaster Recovery Planning” and “Financial Protection” components (0% compliance). At the same time, the analysis of the iGOPP´s results from a public policy phases perspective, reveals that all the phases fall in a “low level” of progress. “Policy Evaluation”, as well as “Central Policy Coordination and Articulation”, show the highest percentage of compliance, with 19% and 18%, respectively, followed by “Definition of Sectorial Responsibilities”, with 13% of compliance. The indicators related to “Policy Implementation” and “Definition of Territorial Responsibilities” have the lowest levels of compliance with 5% and 4%, respectively.