Index of Governance and Public Policy in Disaster Risk Management (iGOPP): National Report Belize

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Oct 2020
The results of the application of iGOPP in Belize (2017) show an overall level of advancement of 11.82%, which places the country within the "low" range according to the classification system used for this Index. The analysis of the results by components of public policy reform in shows that the highest level of progress corresponds to "General Framework" with 26% compliance, which places it in the "incipient" range. The other components of public policy reform to improve DRM show a "low’’ level of progress with "risk identification" at 6%, "risk reduction" at 11%, "disaster preparedness" at 13%, “recovery planning” at 7%, and "financial protection” at 8%. When considering the different DRM processes in the public policy phases, shows "incipient" progress for the "central policy coordination and articulation" (28%). However, progress in the other processes are in the “low” range, with different compliance levels as follows: "definition of sectoral responsibilities" (7%), "definition of territorial responsibilities" (0%), "policy implementation" (18%), and "policy evaluation” (8%).