Independent Evaluation of the Climate Investment Funds: Summary

Nov 2014
This is the Executive Summary of the recently completed evaluation of the Climate Investment Funds. The evaluation was prepared by a consulting firm selected and supervised by a joint working group of the independent evaluation offices of five Multilateral Development Bank (MDBs) -ADB, AfDB, EBRD, IDB, and the World Bank. This evaluation was requested and paid for by the CIF Trust Fund Committees in accordance with the governance frameworks of the two Climate Investment Funds which provide that "an independent evaluation of the operations of the CTF [and SCF] will be carried out jointly after three years of operations by the independent evaluation departments of the MDBs". It is the first such joint exercise among five MDB evaluation offices. The evaluation was presented to the CIF Trust Fund Committees at their June 2014 meeting. The full text and annexes of the evaluation are available at