Independent Country Program Review: Brazil 2019-2022

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Oct 2023
This Independent Country Program Review (ICPR) analyzes the strategy and program of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) Group in Brazil for the 2019-2022 period. ICPRs are independent reviews of the most recent IDB Group Country Strategy (CS) and corresponding Country Program (CP). According to the Office of Evaluation and Oversight's (OVE) Country Product Protocol (document RE-348-8), ICPRs focus on accountability. In line with this, ICPRs do not make recommendations, but rather draw conclusions to inform the Board's consideration of the future CS and to be taken into account by Management if it finds them useful in the design and implementation of the future CS and CP.

The ICPR is based on an exhaustive desk review and triangulation of information provided by IDB Group specialists and external key informants. The ICPR summarizes the country context, based on the most recent diagnoses by the IDB Group (Country Development Challenges, CDC) and other contributors. In addition, the ICPR assesses the relevance of the objectives set out in the CS 2019-2022, describes the CP, analyzes its alignment with the CS, and examines its implementation and contributions to the objectives set, to the extent that available information allows. The ICPR is based on a systematic review of documentary information on CP operations, as well as input from a combination of interviews and semi-structured questionnaires with 152 informants, including all team leaders of CP operations, government counterparts, and executing agencies, selected through a purposive sampling designed to cover the different types of operations that are part of the CP (see Annex, Chapter V).