The Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism: 2012 Annual Report

Mar 2013
During 2012, the Independent Consultation and Investigation Mechanism (ICIM) carried out a range of activities and reached a number of important milestones that provided a wealth of lessons learned. The IDB Board of Executive Directors' strong support for the ICIM was made clear by its acceptance of all the recommendations in the ICIM Panel's first Compliance Review Report for the Pando-Monte Lirio Hydroelectric Program (PN-MICI001-2010). The Consultation Phase handled a full caseload during the year, managing six simultaneous dialogues, each addressing a range of issues and concerns. The nature and interests of the different cases, as well as the reasons behind them, required deep analysis and a full understanding of the concerns involved in order to provide effective support as a mediator. Learning from the management of these cases from the moment they arrive at the ICIM has been an ongoing process not only for the Mechanism but for the Bank as a whole. The lessons learned and the precedents set will help the ICIM, the Bank, and external stakeholders in their joint quest for more sustainable development. As part of the institutional strengthening process of the accountability function, the Office of Evaluation and Oversight carried out a policy review exercise in 2012. This valuable exercise has become part of all accountability mechanisms, and for the ICIM it highlighted weaknesses in structure, procedure, and response capacity that the Mechanism looks to address going forward. The ICIM closes 2012 facing clearly identified challenges but with a firm commitment to move ahead and implement change where it may be needed. Today, the accountability function within the Bank is a given. It is our responsibility, and that of all stakeholders, to learn from our experiences and make our work better, which in turn will help the Bank improve its operations and the region grow in a more sustainable fashion.