Impact of Subsidies for Researchers on the Gender Scientific Productivity Gap: Evidence from Paraguay

Aug 2017
This paper evaluates the impact of Paraguay’s National Researcher Incentive Program (Programa Nacional de Incentivo a los Investigadores, or PRONII) on the gender production gap in academic science. Data has been obtained from the electronic versions of resumes provided by applicants to the program and from bibliographic databases. This paper first quantifies the impact of PRONII’s gender science production gap. This is followed by an analysis of whether or not the program’s selection process may be gender-biased. Finally, an evaluation is made of the impact of the gender differential of the program. The results indicate that there is a preexistent gender gap in productivity among PRONII researchers. There is no evidence, however, of intended gender discrimination in favor of male researchers at the selection stage of the program. The outcome also demonstrates that the impact of the program is heterogeneous across genders.