Impact Evaluation of a Youth Job Training Program in the Dominican Republic: Ex-Post Project Evaluation Report of the Labor Training and Modernization Project (DR0134)

Jul 2006
This document constitutes a comprehensive evaluation of Juventud y Empleo (JE), the training program financed by the Bank in the Dominican Republic since 1999. The Ex-Post Project Evaluation Report presents the basic information about the project: the context under it was developed, the basic design features (inputs, outputs, outcomes) and the underlying model, the evaluability (at design and during the execution of the loan), and the execution efficiency and efficacy (institutions involved, financial resources utilized, execution problems, outputs, outcomes and sustainability). It contributes to enhance the lesson learning of the Bank by taking a detailed look at the achievement of the development objectives of the project, and by answering the traditional evaluative questions, in terms of the impact of training on the employment rates and earnings of participants, using a rigorous identification strategy.