Impact Evaluation of the Job Training Component (PROCAJOVEN) of the Assistance Program for the Building of a Training and Employment System in Panama (PN0125)

Jul 2006
The purpose of this report is to assess whether the job training program PROCAJOVEN has had positive impacts, i.e. to determine if it has increased the employability of its participants, and to determine whether the program has a positive payoff. The main objective of PROCAJOVEN is to "improve prospects for jobless youths and disadvantaged groups" in Panama. To achieve this goal the program has two modalities. The first modality, called insertion modality, provides short-term training for the low-income unemployed youths 18-29 years old. The second modality, called transition modality, focuses in the transition for the first-time job seekers with complete secondary education. The program has a significant effect on employment rates and labor earnings for women especially for those living in Panama City. Within modalities, the general effects are similar.