Identification of Climate Resilience Opportunities and Metrics in Financing Operations: A Technical Reference Document for IDB Project Teams

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Jul 2021
As development financiers strive to implement climate adaptation measures that are effective and consistent with countries climate-resilient development pathways in line with the Paris Agreement, there is an urgent and increasing need to reduce vulnerability to climate variability and climate change, ensure that development operations are climate-resilient, particularly promote development operations that build climate resilience, and to monitor and evaluate the success of these measures. Given this need, the objective of this document is to provide a general conceptual framework to guide IDB project teams from different sectors in how to identify climate resilience opportunities and define indicators at the project level that will facilitate the monitoring and assessment of climate resilience results.
With the conceptual framework presented in this document, the IDB aims to (1) lay the conceptual foundations to seize climate resilience opportunities in development projects by presenting definitions and examples for climate resilience elements and capacities as a basis for a conceptual climate resilience metrics framework and (2) guide sectorial specialists in identifying output and outcome indicators to monitor climate resilience results at the project level and to later evaluate the effectiveness of implemented adaptation and climate resilience activities.