Identification and valuation of adaptation options in coastal-marine ecosystems in Placencia, Belize

Dec 2015
Grunwaldt, Alfred
The present study contributes through a group of examples, closing identified data and informational gaps on adaptation actions to preserving services provided by key coastal ecosystems such as coral reefs, mangrove forests and seagrass beds. Specifically, the study makes use of an innovative, science-based methodology to assess adaptation options in coastal-marine ecosystems, taking as a pilot the region of Placentia in Belize. The study is divided in four sections, namely: (i) characterizing ecosystem services, (ii) designing climate change scenarios, (iii) designing climate adaptation scenarios and (iv) analyzing costs and benefits. It draws on pertinent literature including extensive work on ecosystem services carried out by WWF to date in Belize and introduces the methodological approach used by InVEST. The analysis has been concentrated on four key ecosystem services for Placentia, namely: (i) lobster catch and revenue, (ii) carbon & sequestration, (iii) tourism and recreation and (iv) coastal protection.