IDB-9: Human Resources Processes

Mar 2013
This evaluation assesses the implementation of Inter-American Development Bank (IDB, or Bank) commitments related to the human resources (HR) policies set out in the 2007 realignment and IDB-9. Under these commitments, the Bank is required to continue improving its organizational efficiency and capacity, building on the organizational model set forth in the 2007 realignment. This report is a preliminary review of the topic; next year's evaluation of the realignment by the Office of Evaluation and Oversight will explore issues of efficiency and efficacy in greater depth. The evaluation finds that the IDB-9 results framework is insufficient to allow a full assessment of the "full and effective implementation" of the HR mandates. Nonetheless, it finds progress in the implementation of some of the commitments, such as the strengthening of capacity in country offices, the implementation of a results-based performance framework, the promotion of gender diversity, the improvement of talent management, and the reform of the process for contracting consultants. It is too soon to judge whether these reforms are yielding the expected results in terms of cost-effectiveness, client satisfaction, reduced time in project preparation and execution, improved project quality and evaluability, increased country knowledge and project origination, better technical dialogue with clients, increased employee motivation and performance, and better talent management.